Ruley's Cane Corsos

"Striving to Achieve Breed Excellence"
Here at Ruley's Cane Corso we are striving to produce the best all around cane corso. Our dogs are very loyal, intelligent, and athletic with a high drive. They are the perfect guardians. Come from excellent champion bloodlines.

Our corsos are very family oriented, who are great with children and small animals. No outdoor kennels or chains on property (at times we even forget about need). 

Note: We don't cut corners with our dogs and with this breed you must not. Socialization starting at a young age and obedience training is highly recommended to ensure a well balanced dog with a willingness to please. 
We are located in Northeastern Ohio in Peninsula.

Why Ruley's Cane Corsos?

1. Our dogs are our children and part of the whole family.
2. Keep dogs in great health
3. Both come from excellent blood lines
4. If you adopt a puppy with us, we will be there for you through out your pup's life for any questions, concerns, or advice.
Welcome to Ruley's 
     Cane Corsos
Corsos are by far exceedingly gentle (aloof to strangers, unagressive), loving, devoted, and have a quiet dignified look. Known for their "shadowing" of the ones they love. Only when he senses danger does he spring into action and, indeed, become a fierce protector. 
​~Sited from

Can fit almost any lifestyle as long as there is an owner almost as devoted as they can be. 
Pups from previous litters
8wk old pup. litter 2013
This site will be moving. Sorry for the inconvenience. For information about up-coming puppies please contact me via email or by phone. 330.557.0191
Thanks, Tim